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YES Best viewed on desktop. THIS IS SERIOUSLY SARAH.



There's always time to write fiction. Have a cup of tea and read my work! If not tea, well, whatever you like to chill with.



Blog posts, articles, videos, animation or even game narrative, I know how to mix it up.



There's always something to explore. Fun is where you find it and it so happens, I like having it.

About Me

Seriously Sarah

I am seriously Sarah but you probably know that by now from the url. I'm a writer, designer, ukulele player and also the municipal liaison for Nanowrimo in Singapore.

The Serious Info

Sarah has a bachelor degree in media arts, a diploma in interactive media design, certificates in acting, lighting, art of voice and much more.

She can speak English, Malay and basic German. While she has qualifications in video, web, animation and print, her forte lies in creative writing. Stories, fiction and game narratives. She likes to engage to audience in any kind of medium.

The Sarah Info

Sarah likes to find fun in the name of research. She goes on weekend adventures to prove that Singapore isn't as boring as people think it is and posts regular on her weekly adventure episodes every Monday on her blog.

She was also the N.E.mation!6 ambassador and went to visit the various animation studios in the USA with the winning team.

On the fiction side, The Steampowered Globe was one of her latest books in which she had edited with Rosemary Lim and was featured on io9.com.

Chances are if you want to find out about fiction writing in Singapore or the geek and cosplay scene, you will encounter Sarah eventually.

She would like to be a voice actress for animated characters or write for video games. For now, she writes her blog post series and novels.

Sarah is also part of the Happy Smiley Writers Group.

Final Cut Pro
Sound production

What makes up a Sarah:


Weird probability





You might spot me at geekish conventions. I'm usually there.

-- Sarah of Seriously Sarah

From doing print layouts to converting them to epub, I can design your book. Are you a freelancer needing help in tedious work but require someone with Adobe suite knowledge? I can be The Backup for those rush jobs. With other media experiences and skills, contact me and I could help you out.

Ashes to Ashes sampler

Download sample for kindle in .mobi here.

Download sample for ereader in .epub here.

Reflections on PBL
Reflections on PBL issue 9-11

Academic journal layout for print.

Print layout for Wolf at the Door
Wolf at the Door by J. Damask

Book layout for print.

For Fun Ukulele Crash Course
For Fun Ukulele Crash Course

Don't know how to play a ukulele? Private beginner's lessons available. Contact me for enquiries/appointment.

Love Kuching Project

Video editing and production

Nanowrimo Kick-Off Party
Nanowrimo Kick-Off Party

Events planning for literary and fandom parties.


A collection of books that I've written, contributed to anthologies or edited. You can get them at major bookstores in Singapore, online bookstores or buy them from the publishers themselves!


E-mail: sarah(at)seriouslysarah.com